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Where To Buy Stand Up Pouches?

  • Release Lime: Feb 01 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Where to buy stand up pouches? If you do a liquid filling business, in addition to buying a high quality packaging machine, also need to buy suitable stand up pouches with spout for this packaging machine. But sometimes, after you buy the machine in one packaging machine factory, you have to look for another manufacturer to buy stand up pouches, which is not only very troublesome, but also extended the time to put into production. In order to help our customers solve this problem, we can provide packaging bags for you as well as packaging machines, so that you do not need to look for another one to buy stand up pouches.
 Stand Up Pouch
The pouch in our company with following advantages:
〇 Can stand stably.
〇 The straw can be sealed in the middle of the bag or on the side.
〇 The capacity can be designed according to customer requirements (40 ml to 750 ml).
〇 The shape of the bag can be customized according to customer requirements (but you need to send us a design)
〇 Different sizes of straws and caps can be configured.
〇 The material structure of the bag can be made according to the requirements of the contents and the requirements of the customer (2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers of materials can be made), and aluminum foil or aluminum foil can be added.
These pouches for liquid can meet all of customers’ requirement, the unique design allows for flexible filling, either directly through the spout or through a void in the film that is later sealed. These pouches can stand up easily on store shelves for more effective, efficient display. More importantly, when done properly, this types of pouches are one of the lowest cost options for liquid and beverage packaging. Compare to glass and rigid plastic, it's more economical.

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