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Cellophane Wrapping Machine Sold to South Africa

  • Release Lime: Apr 15 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Welcome our South Africa customer come to our company for cellophane wrapping machine. And this customer bring his box sample to our company.
Then we took him to our factory for testing, the customer was very satisfied with the results of the packaging, and signed a purchase contract with us, he said that he would pay immediately after he returned to South Africa, and hope that we can ship as soon as possible.
 Cellophane Wrapping Machine South Africa

The model we introduce to the South Africa is BZ200A, which with following features:
1. For single-box continuous automatic packaging, suitable for cellophane or BOPP film.
2. The unsealing line can be pasted at the same time.
3. The adjustment of the edger is simple and accurate, and can be automatically corrected.
4. The machine is an automatic packaging machine and the packaging process does not require manual intervention.
5. It has the function of automatic stop of thrust overload.
6. All parts are made in China, which is convenient for maintenance and supply of spare parts. It can also be adjusted according to customer requirements for accessories.


Our cellophane wrapping machine has sold to more than 30 countries, include South Africa, UK, India, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details about the machine.

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