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Flow Wrapper Fin Seal Issues

  • Release Lime: Dec 08 2021
  • Source: Sherry
When the horizontal packaging machine is used for a long time, especially under continuous working conditions without stopping the machine. It is very prone to some mechanical issues and electrical issues such as: Machine shutdown, the seal is not firm, fuse blown, etc. Combining actual experimental data and use experience, today we propose some corresponding solutions to the flow wrapper fin seal issues.
The sealing problem may have the following 2 situations:
1. Cannot be sealed
2. Although sealed, the sealing effect is not good.
The main reasons for issues in the first case are as follows:
(1) The heat sealing temperature cannot reach or exceed the required temperature of the material. If the composite bag is made of 0PP, when the total thickness of the bag is 80-90μm, the heat sealing temperature should reach 170-180°C. When the material is PE and its total thickness is 85-100μm, the temperature should be controlled at 180-200°C. When the total thickness of the bag increases, the heat-sealing temperature must increase accordingly, so as to ensure the quality and speed of the heat-sealing.
(2) The inability to seal is also related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the sealing strip has not been heated, and the traction roller is sent to the cold press during the cooling process, which does not meet the quality requirements.
Reasons for the second sealing issue:
(1) The heat-sealing temperature is not enough or too high, and the problem can be solved by increasing the heat-sealing temperature or lowering the temperature.
(2) The surface of the heat-sealed blade is not particularly flat. Usually thermocouples are installed in them to monitor temperature changes. There are three screws on the sealing device. The screw in the middle supports and strengthens the fins. The other two screws are usually equipped with pressure springs and washers. This structure is mainly used to adjust the pressure of the heat-sealing knife. The skew of the middle screw and the improper pressure spring on the heat-sealing knife lead to uneven pressure, which are the main reasons for the second situation.
The solution is to recalibrate the position of the middle screw so that it is in a horizontal position. If the upper and lower heat-sealing knives are unbalanced, the pressure spring must be adjusted to achieve this. When the spring is retracted, the heat-sealing knife will drop, and when the spring of the lower blade is tightened, the heat-sealing knife will move upward.
Of course, there may be other reasons for the flow wrapper fin seal issues. Please tell us your  question and we will arrange an engineer to answer it for you.
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