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How Are Surgical Masks Packaged?

  • Release Lime: Jul 01 2021
  • Source: Sherry
How are surgical masks packaged? The packaging of surgical masks usually adopts a single piece package, which is completed by a professional automatic mask packaging machine. Reduce manual contact and ensure the clean and hygienic packaging process.
This machine is specially designed and manufactured to improve the efficiency of mask packaging. The masks produced by the mask production line are sent to the conveyor, then fed, wrapped with packaging film, and finally sealed and cut off.
 Mask packing machine
1. The control and drive core is composed of servo motor, programmable controller and color touch LCD display, etc. Greatly improve the control accuracy, speed range, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
2. The servo motor drive realizes the feeding, film feeding, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing and output of the packaging machine, which simplifies the mechanical transmission system and makes the machine run smoothly and reliably, significantly reduce mechanical noise and mechanical failure rate.
3. Using dual-drive longitudinal sealing and advanced longitudinal sealing heating technology, the longitudinal sealing temperature is low, and the probability of scalding the film during operation and shutdown is reduced to a minimum; and the sealing effect is good.
In order to facilitate transportation, some manufacturers will pack the masks with primary packaging into boxes for secondary packaging. This process is usually completed by a cartoning machine. The machine automatically puts a fixed number of masks into the box, usually 50 masks. Some manufacturers will also pack 100.
 Mask cartoning machine
1. Automated cartoning can increase productivity.
2. All drives and loading mechanisms include complete overload protection to improve safety.
3. Many functions, which can meet the packaging requirements of various masks.
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