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How Do You Package Dehydrated Vegetables?

  • Release Lime: Sep 02 2021
  • Source: Sherry
What is dehydrated vegetables?
It is a kind of dried vegetables made by washing and drying fresh vegetables to remove most of the moisture in the vegetables. The original color and nutrient composition of the vegetables remained basically unchanged. It is easy to store and transport, and can effectively regulate the low and peak seasons of vegetable production. When eating, it can be restored by immersing it in clean water, and retain the original color, nutrition and flavor of the vegetables.
Why packaging dehydrated vegetables?
The volume of vegetables will become smaller after dehydration, and the bulk of dehydrated vegetables is not convenient to transport, and it is easy to be damp, which affects the taste and nutrient content of the product. After packaging, the packaging film effectively prevents the contact between vegetables and air, retains the nutrition and taste of the product, facilitates transportation, and extends the shelf life.
 how do you package dehydrated vegetables
How do you package dehydrated vegetables?
Under normal circumstances, there will be professional equipment to complete the packaging. Of course, different packaging methods will use different equipment, but because the weight of dehydrated vegetables is small, in order to ensure accurate measurement, we usually recommend customers to use a multi-head weigher dehydrated vegetables packaging machine.
1. The unique structure design and combination method can instantly select the best combination from a wealth of weight combinations through computer calculations to ensure the accuracy and speed of weighing.
2. The system has complete functions, convenient and quick operation and maintenance.
3. The thickened overall middle seat of cast aluminum enhances the strength of the machine, and the stable time of weighing is shorter.
4. Hundreds of parameter settings can be stored to achieve various material requirements.
Of course, multi-head weigher packaging is not suitable for all bag types. We will recommend a suitable packaging solution according to your packaging requirements.

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