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How Do You Use Film Wrapping Machine?

  • Release Lime: Aug 26 2021
  • Source: Sherry
How do you use film wrapping machine? This is the problem that many customers worry about the most before buying the machine. In fact, don't worry, we have detailed machine operation manuals and operation videos, and after-sales personnel are online 24 hours a day to ensure that you can use the machine normally.
Here we will show you the simple steps and precautions for use.
1. Installation of the machine:
This machine is designed with casters and column feet. When installing, raise the column feet and let the casters touch the ground. Push the machine to the required installation position manually, then drop the column foot and let the casters off the ground. At this time, the weight of the machine is borne by the column feet, and the machine should be installed horizontally on the concrete floor.
2. Machine debugging
① Before debugging, check whether the various parts of the machine are loose due to the bumps and vibrations of long-distance transportation, and whether the electrical components have fallen off, and tighten them as needed.
② Install the film roll and tear tape, and introduce it to the film cutting machine for use.
Install the handwheel and turn the handwheel clockwise (viewed from the front of the machine), at this time the camshaft of the machine rotates counterclockwise, and observe whether the transmission parts of the machine make abnormal noises. (Note: It is best to pull out the handwheel about 30mm before starting the machine normally).
③ Turn on the power and connect to the ground wire according to the sign. The ground wire is required to be introduced from the ground below 1.5 meters deep. At the same time, pour about 2/3 of the oil tank height into the oil tank of the tanker.
④ Turn on the power switch, and set the temperature for the upper, lower, side-seal, side-seal, long-seal, and pre-seal respectively:
Upper of shapping: 100°~110°    Forward of side seal: 120°~130°    Long seal:130°~140°
Lower of shapping: 100°~110°    Rear of side seal: 120°~130°       Pre-seal:130°~140° 
After the temperature setting is completed, let the heating tube start heating.
⑥ According to the size specifications of the required packaging box, determine the size of H and R in the film cutting machine. The calculation formula is as follows:
H = (film length + box height) / 2-X (X value is 0~15)
R = film length /6.28 film length = (box width + box height) * 2 + (10~15)
⑦ Adjust the relationship between the various gears before and after the film cutting machine. This machine has been adjusted in place according to the user's requirements before leaving the factory, and the user does not need to re-adjust it. The film cutting parts, main archway and other parts of this machine can be adjusted appropriately to meet different packaging requirements.
⑧ After the temperature reaches the set temperature, put a small amount of boxes into the hopper. Press the "Run" button on the control panel, and at the same time put the air pump in the "ON" position. Adjust the speed of the frequency converter, make the machine from slow to fast, start the test machine. Observe the packaging of the film on the packaging box, if there is no problem, the machine can enter the normal production state. If you need to count, you can turn on the counter to set the required counting number, and the machine can enter the automatic counting program.
⑨ Stop the machine. If you need to stop the machine after the test is completed, press the "stop" button on the control panel first, and then set the power switch to the "off" position.

If you still don’t know how to use the film wrapping machine, feel free contact us:  

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