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How Multihead Weigher Works?

  • Release Lime: Oct 18 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Multihead weigher is a very accurate measuring equipment, usually combined with vertical packaging machine to pack various snacks. But how does it work?
It is composed of multiple independent weighing units with feeding and discharging structures. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize and calculate the load of the weighing unit, and obtain a combination close to the target weight value for packaging. The weigher is placed on the working platform to complete the weighing of puffed food, snack food, or other food particles. Used in combination with vertical packaging machines, granular packaging machines, conveyors, etc.
How multihead weigher works?
Step 1: The material is sent to the storage hopper by the conveyor. When the material is added to the preset position, the electronic eye on the side of the storage hopper detects and sends a signal, so that the conveyor stops feeding until the material on the storage hopper is lower than the preset position, the electronic eye send the feed signal again.
Step 2: The material is in the storage hopper. Through the vibration of the main vibrating machine, the material will evenly fall from the main vibrating plate into the line vibrating plate, and each line vibrating plate is fed.
Step 3: The vibration of the line vibrating machine causes the material to be discharged from each line vibrating plate and enter the hopper for storage.
Step 4: When the weighing hopper completes the last weighing and is emptied, the upper feed hopper opens so that the material enters the weighing hopper for weighing. The output signal transmits data to the main board of the control device through the lead. The CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket. Then through calculation, analysis, and combination, the combination weighing bucket combination that is closest to the target weight is selected.
Step 5: When there is a signal that is allowed to discharge, the CPU sends a command to start the drive to open the selected weighing hopper. The materials are sent into the collecting hopper through the chute or directly into the packaging machine, and the unloading signal of the unloaded material is sent to the packaging machine to complete the packaging.

The above is the main work process of the multihead weigher. If you are interested in this machine, you can leave us a message.

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