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How to Shrink Wrap Bottles?

  • Release Lime: Oct 09 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How to shrink wrap bottles? Advanced technology makes it easier, the shrink wrap machine will help you do it.
Shrink wrap bottles include following steps: film feeding, bag making, surface smoothing, sealing film packaging, heat shrink. All these steps will complete by the machine automatically.
Shrink wrap bottles principle:
The process can be divided into two processes, film wrapping and shrinking process. The film wrapping process is to put the product on the cutting machine and seal it in the packaging process. Then put it on the shrinking machine conveyor network and automatically enter the shrinking furnace to start the shrinking process, make the shrink film and the packaged article are tightly bonded to each other.
 Shrink Wrap Bottles Machine
Shrink wrap machine features:
1. The machine's cutter sealing line is relatively thin and anti-stick.
2. The machine can be adjusted within a certain range without changing the size of the package. At the same time, the temperature of the heat shrinking furnace and the speed of the packaging can be adjusted.
3. Optimize the circuit design, control the temperature of the instrument, stop heating after the temperature reaches the set temperature, and save energy.
4. High-power DC motor, stepless speed regulation, continuous operation for a long time, and stable and reliable operation.
5. All electrical components are famous brand to ensure the quality of the machine is effectively guaranteed.
6. Chain and chain net conveyor belts are available to meet the packaging needs of different products.
7. The shrink film of PE film, POF film, PVC film, etc. can be shrink-wrapped.

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