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Operation Manual of Multihead Weigher

  • Release Lime: Dec 06 2019
  • Source: Sherry
With the improvement of packaging technology, the use of multihead weigher is becoming more and more widespread. In order to let more customers know about the machine, we will show parts operation manual of multihead weigher here.
The operation manual of multihead weigher contain many important instructions for use, repair and maintenance. If you can follow these tips, you can not only reduce the occurrence of dangerous accidents and maintenance costs, but also increase the working life of the machine.
 operation manual of multihead weigher

First, the material is sent from the material conveyor to the storage hopper, and then the main vibration machine vibrates and discharges the material from the storage hopper, and feeds each line vibration plate.
In the program parameter settings, adjusting the material level feeding time can control how much material the conveyor will add to the storage hopper at one time; depending on the material situation on the site, it is better to set the conveyor to fill the storage hopper once.
Material weighing
The material comes out of the main vibrating machine and enters each line vibration plate uniformly. The vibrating material of the line vibrating machine enters the feeding hopper. After the weighing hopper finishes the last weighing and combined discharge, the feeding hopper feeds the weighing hopper again. The heavy bucket once again completed the weighing work and combination.
Adjust the line vibration machine's amplitude (FM) and the line vibration machine's feeding time to determine how much to feed the hopper. Generally, one feeding is 1/3 to 1/4 of the target weight. Generally, the line vibration machine's amplitude is 30 to 50. Vibration machine feeding time is 25 ~ 35.
The weights weighed from each weighing bucket are added according to the target weight, N qualified combinations that meet the target weight are calculated, and then the optimal one is selected.
Drain the material and discharge the weighed material product to the next process.

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