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Primary Packaging of Soap

  • Release Lime: Feb 19 2020
  • Source: Sherry
There are different packaging forms of soap on the market, and plastic packaging is the simplest and most primary packaging of soap. Because this method is very simple, so the packaging speed is fast, many soap manufacturers choose to use this primary packaging method.
Although this is the primary packging of soap, it also needs a special soap packaging machine to complete it.
 Primary packaging of soap

O It can be directly connected to the soap processing line to meet the requirements of large-scale, batch, automated and efficient production packaging, or manual soap placement can be used to meet small-scale and diversified packaging requirements.
O Personalized design according to product characteristics to avoid squeeze deformation of soap. In the case of material congestion and stacking, it can be automatically removed to ensure the continuity and stability of the packaging.
O It adopts multi-stage frequency conversion speed regulation and servo drive control, which can adjust and control according to the user's requirements for packaging speed and the characteristics of material formation.
O The system is equipped with multiple safety measures, leakage protection, emergency stop function, fault shutdown protection, protective cover, warning lights, etc.
Of course, this machine can not only complete the primary packaging, but also can be connected to a cartoning machine to complete the advanced packaging of soap.

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