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Protein Bars Packaging Material

  • Release Lime: Mar 02 2020
  • Source: Sherry
There are different types of protein bars sell on market, and the protein bars packaging material also different.
Here are some common protein bars packaging materials and their characteristics:
1. Material: BOPP / LLDPE two-layer composite
Features: Moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat-sealing and strong tensile strength.
2. Material: BOPP / CPP two-layer composite
Features: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, high transparency, good stiffness
 protein bar packaging material

3. Material: BOPP / VMCPP composite
Features: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, oxygen-proof, shading, good stiffness
4. Material: BOPP / VMPET / LLDPE three-layer composite
Features: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, shading
5. Material: PET / CPP two-layer composite
Features: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, fragrance-proof, high-temperature resistance
6. Material: PET / PET / CPP three-layer composite
Features: moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, easy sealing
The role of these packages is to prevent the damage of biological, chemical, and physical external factors during the process of protein bars leaving the factory and into the hands of consumers. It also has the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself, which is convenient to eat. Many manufacturers print decorative patterns, designs, or text on their packaging to make their products more attractive or illustrative. Good packaging can make the product establish a high-quality image, improve competitiveness, and promote sales.
All these protein bars packing materials are suitable for our protein bar packaging machine, if you are interested, please contact us:
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