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Do You Know How To Store Instant Coffee?

  • Release Lime: Feb 12 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Although instant coffee is more convenient, compared with coffee beans, coffee powder quality deterioration is very fast, so the storage method is very important, but how to store instant coffee?
In general, the instant coffee we buy comes in a bag or jar, which is good for storage, but how to store instant coffee once it's opened?
It is better not to place the coffee bag at room temperature at will after it is opened. It is better to place it in a sealed jar and put it in a cool place. It is also better not to put it with garlic, fish, shrimp and other smelly food. Because coffee is easy to absorb the taste, if absorbed the taste of other food, it will affect the taste of coffee.
 How To Store Coffee
How to preserve the freshness of coffee?
〇 A good place to store it
Coffee should be stored in a dry, cool place, not in the refrigerator, so as not to absorb moisture. Coffee beans and ground coffee can be frozen, the only thing that needs to notice is, when taking out coffee from freezer ark, need to avoid frozen part to melt and make the coffee in bag be affected with damp be affected with damp.
〇 Packaging that helps with storage
Tin cans allow coffee to last longer, and plastic bags can be used, but less in storage than tin cans. There is also a package that is packaged in a one-way valve that facilitates the discharge of carbon dioxide from the coffee, maximizing the aroma and freshness of the coffee.
How to preserve the aroma of coffee?
〇 Protected from light
The container for the coffee should be opaque or semi-transparent like a red wine bottle. In general, brown is best.
〇 Seal
Sealing is very important for the preservation of coffee, and only under sealed conditions can the coffee be slowed down. We generally achieve this by means of sealed cans, sealing strips and sealing clips.
〇 Odor
Coffee has a strong adsorption capacity for odors, especially for fine coffee, so coffee must be kept separately and cannot be placed in the same sealed can with other items.

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