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Types of Wrapping Cosmetic Machine

  • Release Lime: Jul 28 2021
  • Source: Sherry
All cosmetics need to be sold after packaging, and wrapping with film is usually the last step.
Why use film wrapping cosmetic?
1. Increase the attractiveness of the product appearance;
2. The film can be close to the product, has transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and bright;
3. The wrapped product are hygienic, clean, sealed, dust-proof and moisture-proof;
4. The products are tight and fixed.
Types of Wrapping Cosmetic Machine:

There are many types of machines that can be used to wrap cosmetics, and there are two commonly used types. One is shrink wrapping, and the other is cellophane wrap.
1. Cellophane overwrapping machine: As the name suggests, use cellophane film as packaging material. The packaging is completed after the steps of wrapping, folding, and sealing.
*Beautiful: The characteristics of 3D packaging make the product look more beautiful.
*Enhance the added value of products and enhance sales.
*Tear tape can be added to facilitate opening of the package.
2. Shrink wrapping machine
Wrap the cosmetic with a heat-shrinkable film and then heat it to tightly wrap the product after shrinking the film.
*Good protection: If the inner packaging of the shrink wrap is combined with the transport packaging hanging on the outer packaging, it can have better protection.
*Good anti-theft: Multiple products can be packed together in a large shrink film to avoid loss.
*Good stability: Product will not sway in the packaging film.
*With good transparency: customers can directly see the content of the product.
 Types of wrapping cosmetic machine
Compared with these two types of machines, the cellophane overwrapping machine is more expensive, but the packaging effect is better; Although the shrink wrap machine is cheap, it wastes packaging film. Which type to choose depends on the actual packaging needs.

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