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What Is Shrink Wrap Used for?

  • Release Lime: Apr 01 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Shrink wrap is a popular way for product packing, now let us understand the shrink wrap together.

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is a film that you can wrap around any product, no matter what the size or shape. Then heating, which causes the film to shrink. As it shrinks, it conforms to the shape of your object and seals itself. The film will conform to the shape of the packaged item when it shrinks, completely sealing and fixing it.

What is shrink wrap used for?

The reason why shrink wrap has been widely and rapidly developed is mainly because shrink wrap can pack special-shaped products that are difficult to pack by general methods. For example, fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products, toys, gadgets, electronic products, etc. Shrink film is generally transparent. After heat shrinking, it adheres to the product and can show the appearance of the product. Because the shrinkage is relatively uniform, and the shrink film has a certain degree of toughness, it is not easy to tear at the corners. Shrink wrap can conveniently pack multiple scattered products together. Sometimes packaging boxes such as bottled beverages, cans, tapes, books and magazines, or toys can be omitted.
shrink wrap products  

How to choose the right shrink wrap equipment?

1. Determine the packaging form of the product. Generally speaking, there are three types of shrink wrapping: fully enclosed, open at both ends (cuff style), and open at one end. The closed type is all wrapped, such as a cosmetic box. Open at both ends has a small mouth on both sides, generally used for beverages, mineral water, beer, etc. An open end is common in pallet shrink packaging. These three types of equipment are different, so be sure to determine the packaging form of your items.
2. Determine the shrink film. Commonly used are pof, pe, and pvc. Generally speaking, PE film is the thickest and is generally used for beverages. Pof and pvc are generally used for cosmetics, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes and the like. The price of PE film shrink wrap machine is relatively high, and others are cheaper. The PE film machine can shrink other films, but the reverse is not possible. This is because when PE film shrinks other films, the temperature can be lowered to increase the speed, but conversely, it not only affects the speed, but the effect is not ideal.
3. Determine the size of the product. The size of the shrink tunnel is different for different models, so determine your own size and choose the appropriate model.
4. The load-bearing capacity of the machine. Different products, the load-bearing capacity of the machine is also different, some have a maximum limit of 20KG, and some are 50KG, so you must pay attention to the load-bearing problem when buying.
5. Compare the heating method of shrink tunnel. The heating method of the machine is different, some are heated by quartz tube, and some are heated by steel tube. The former is cheaper and the latter is more expensive, but the quartz tube is a wearing parts.
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