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Why Are Pyramid Shaped Tea Bags Better?

  • Release Lime: Jan 16 2023
  • Source: Sherry
When you are shopping for tea, you will often see square tea bags, round tea bags, pyramid tea bags, etc. Among the many types of tea bags, pyramid tea bags are becoming more and more popular.
Why are pyramid shaped tea bags better?
Choose the pyramid shaped tea bag, you can fully experience the flavor of the tea without those troublesome processes. Because the tea leaves in the pyramid shaped tea bag are cut thicker and fresher, the quality and rich taste of the tea are greatly improved.
why are pyramid shaped tea bags better 
1. Traditional standard rectangular tea bags, often filled with tea leaves in the bag, add a string at the top, and a label on the other end of the string. Hang the label on the outside of the cup when making tea. 
As the name suggests, the pyramid shaped tea bag is like a pyramid, and there is also a rope for making tea. From the appearance point of view, the pyramid shaped tea bag is more attractive to young consumers who are looking for differences and have the desire to try to buy it.
2. The release effect of the pyramid shaped tea bag is better
Specifically, we can calculate that for two types of tea bags with the same volume, the surface area of the pyramid shaped tea bag in contact with hot water is larger. Traditional tea bags can only have about 1/2 of the contact area, while pyramid shaped tea bags can reach 3/4 of the contact area. This makes the release of tea leaves in the pyramid tea bags more even and quicker, making it easier to infuse tea in a short time.
3. A more stretched tea making process
The pyramid shaped tea bag has obvious advantages over the traditional tea bag in terms of appearance. The tea leaves are in the pyramid shaped tea bag so that the drinker can see the tea leaves floating in the water. Moreover, the stretching effect of the tea leaves is better, and the fragrance emitted is more intense. Multiple brews are possible.

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