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Automatic Cigarette Pack Carton Overwrapping Machine

BOPP Over wrapping Machine
Automatic Carton Wrapping Machine
Over Wrapping Machine for Sale
The carton overwrapping machine is widely used in 3D packaging of box-type articles in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries.
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Cigarette Pack Wrapper Features:
〇  High-speed delivery bopp film system: servo drive, adsorption movement mode, and speed up transmission.
〇  High-speed feeding system: cam driven, segmented moving feed, reducing waiting time and accelerating feeding speed.
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〇 Precise positioning system: the carton overwrapping machine with adjustable packaging high-speed feeding buffer mechanism for precise positioning under high-speed movement.
〇  Equipped with tear tape device and electric eye device for color packaging.
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〇  High-speed transmission system for packaging: the automatic cigarette pack wrapper adopts circulating transmission and discharging system to ensure that the package can be conveyed smoothly under high-speed movement.

Automatic Carton Overwrapping Machine Function:
1. Security/moisture proof.
2. Increase the added value of products/improve the grade of products/improve the decoration quality of products.

As a overwrapping machine manufacturer, we carefully collected and integrated the opinions of the majority of users, and through continuous research and improvement, adopt the most advanced technology improvement and strict quality control. It makes our carton overwrapping machines more precise and reliable, light and durable, easy to operate, and precise and close packaging.
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Technical Data
Model CK-BTB-300A
Packing Material bopp film and tear tape
(bopp thickness: 22μm,tear tape:2.5mm,3mm)
Packing Speed 40-80boxes/min
Max Packing Size L 240*W 120*H 60 mm
Voltage and Power 220V 50Hz 5kw
Machine Weight 500kg
Machine Size L 2000*W 700*H 1400 mm

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