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Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine for Sale

cellophane overwrapping machine
overwrapping machine for sale
cellophane overwrapping machine manufacturer
A good overwraping machine can not only help you complete the packaging process better, but also improves product presentation. The cellophane overwrapping machine uses BOPP film as packaging material, specially designed for cosmetics box, cigarette box, tea box and other industries.
What Is The Difference Between Cellophane Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping?
1. In terms of packaging principles, cellophane wrapping adopts partial heat sealing, and shrink wrapping adopts overall heat shrinkage.
2. In terms of packaging range, cellophane wrapping is only suitable for boxed products, and shrink wrapping can also be used for packaging special-shaped products.
3. Compared with the packaging effect, cellophane wrapping is more beautiful than shrinking, which can improve product sales.
cellophane wrap vs shrink wrap

How Does Cellophane Overwrapping Machine Work?
The box is transported forward by the entrance conveyor, while the servo motor controls the  film to exit the film. Cut the film into a length that meets the requirements of the box packaging through a cutter. The transmission mechanism pushes the film-wrapped boxes to the feeding pusher, and the feeding pusher rotates continuously at a certain speed. During the rotation, film wrapping, folding, and one-side heat sealing are realized in sequence. Then the finished product is conveyed to the export conveyor. During the export process, the two ends are folded and heat sealed, and the packaging process is completed after shaping.

Features of Overwrapping Machine for Sale:
❤ The machine is made of unique materials and anti-wear. It overcomes the defect of easy wear of traditional cutting machine and effectively extends the machine life.
❤ The cellophane overwrapping machine adopts the advanced dual protection mechanism, which can ensure that other spare parts will not be damaged to the maximum extent when the machine is running.
❤ The original swing device can effectively prevent the machine from shaking and ensure the safety of operators.
❤ Easy operation of the machine, just follow the operation manual.
❤ Can custom safety shield according to customer needs.
❤ This model is mainly used to wrap multiple boxes in one group, and the 300A model is suitable for single box wrap.
 Cellophane Wrapping Machine Details
If this automatic cellophane overwrapping machine cannot meet your needs, you can leave us a message, or send your requirement to us ( ), and we will design a suitable solution for you according to your needs.
Technical Data
Model CK-BTB-400
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 10-25 boxes/min
Max.package size (L)300*(W)200*(H)100mm
Power 220V 50Hz  5.5kw
Machine weight 1250kg
Machine dimensions (L)2380*(W)1050*(H)1680mm

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