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Manual Lipstick Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine Semi Automatic

Lipstick Box Wrapping Machine
Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Semi Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
The manual cellophane wrapping machine is suitable for three-dimensional packaging of square carton boxes of different specifications. For example, lipstick boxes, perfume boxes, medicine boxes, etc.
As long as the product is a rectangular or square carton, wooden box or other material, regardless of the size, it can be wrapped with this semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine. The semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine is an ideal box-type 3D packaging equipment, which is conducive to improving product quality and decoration quality.
Wrapped Box Sample
Flexible Lipstick Box Wrap Machine:

1. Adjustable packaging speed: This manual cellophane wrapping machine adopts frequency conversion adjustment device, which can change the packaging speed according to different work requirements.
2. The package size range is adjustable: When the size specifications of the package change, the wrapping machine only needs to change the mold and make appropriate adjustments.
3. Heat sealing temperature is adjustable: The heating temperature can be set by itself depending on the external climate, and can be maintained within the set temperature range.
 Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine Factory

Semi Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine Advantages:
〇 Moisture proof, dustproof, oil proof, anti-counterfeiting.
〇 Enhance the market competitiveness of products, increase sales, and increase the added value of products.
〇 The whole machine is compact in structure, small in space, light in weight, and the packaging space is almost unlimited.
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Lipstick Box Wrap Machine Features:
A. The mold price is low, the replacement is simple and fast, and one machine can complete dozens of specifications packaging.
B. The lipstick box wrap machine is light and beautiful, and the packaging site is not limited by the weight of the machine.
C. Stable operation and long service life for up to 10 years.

Technical Data
Model CK-BTB-Ⅱ
Packing speed 10-25 boxes/min
Packing range L(80-300)*W(50-200)*H(20-100)mm
Power 4KW
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Machine weight 200KG
Machine dimensions 1900*800*1200mm

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