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30~70 packs/min Cellophane Perfume Carton Wrapping Machine

cellophane packing machine
perfume carton wrapping machine
This cellophane packing machine is suitable for film automatic packaging of various single-piece perfume carton (with tear tape). The overall frame of the machine is made of carbon steel sprayed with plastic, and the floor-to-ceiling multi-open safety door structure. It adopts the push box structure of flat push type, which makes it easy to replace the mold. The size is adjusted by hand, which greatly saves the time of changing molds. The fixed film is fixed by an air-expanding shaft roller, which makes changing the film easier and faster.

Perfume Carton Wrapping Machine Working Principle:

The cellophane packing machine integrates machine, electricity and gas into one product. After the control system of the machine is started, it will automatically complete the packaging actions such as pushing the box, lowering the film, cutting the film, folding the corner, folding up, folding down, hooking the box, discharging, shaping and heat sealing, etc. in sequence. It is mainly used for the outer packaging of various perfume carton. It can play a good role in sealing, decoration, beauty and moisture resistance. In addition, there is an easy-pull thread bonded with the film and packaged for easy unpacking.

Cellophane Packing Machine Application:
This machine is widely used in the film automatic packaging (with tear tape) of various single-piece box-type items in the industries of medicine, health care products, food, cosmetics, stationery and so on.
 perfume cartoning machine factory

Perfume Carton Wrapping Machine Features:
1. This machine is a fully automatic high-speed transparent film packaging equipment. It adopts the horizontal push packaging method. All wrapping and heat sealing actions are completed by cam transmission. It has the characteristics of fast speed and stable operation.
2. Perfume carton of different sizes can be packaged by changing the mold, and the newly designed quick-adjustment structure makes it easier and faster to change the mold.
3. This perfume carton wrapping machine adopts an all-aluminum alloy film cutting knife holder and a single-rotation film cutting knife. The film is cut precisely and smoothly, and the film cutting mechanism does not need to be replaced when changing products.
4. The packing speed is adjusted by frequency converter, which can reach 30-70 packs/minute according to different packing items.
5. The perfume carton wrapping machine is equipped with double-sided wrinkle shaping devices, which makes the film packaging more body-fitting and more beautiful.
6. The new quick-disassembly pull wire reel has the function of composite self-adhesive laser anti-counterfeiting and unsealing line, which really plays the role of anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof.
7. There are two kinds of feeding mechanisms, automatic feeding and manual feeding, and automatic feeding can be connected with the fully automated unmanned production line.
8. The cellophane packing machine uses an acrylic safety shield.
Technical Data
Model BTB-290
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 30~70 packs/min
Max.package size (L)60-260×(W)30-160×(H)15-70mm
Power 220V 50Hz 5kw
Machine weight 380kg
Machine dimensions (L)1500×(W)850×(H)1700mm

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