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What Are Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Food

  • Release Lime: Jul 04 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Vacuum packaging is a very common way of packaging, but do you know what are benefits of vacuum sealing food?
 Vacuum Sealing Food

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Food:
1. Extended shelf life. Studies have shown that vacuum packaging can increase the shelf life of products from 50% to 400%. The key to vacuum-packed Salmonella to improve product shelf life is to determine the absence of air in the package. Vacuum packaging is also the preferred form of packaging for many products that are stored in long-term freezer storage.
2. Reduce product losses. Extending the shelf life directly reduces the loss of inventory products, and reducing product losses helps increase profits.
3. A sealing barrier for external components. Common vacuum bags are 3 mils thick and some vacuum packed dry fruit bags can be as thick as 6-8 mils. With proper sealing, vacuum packaging protects the product from dust, moisture, insects, and other external factors that may damage the product.
4. No chemical preservatives are required. Vacuum packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. With proper mixing of oxygen and inert gases, the product can be stored for extended periods of time without the use of preservatives.
5. Improve product display. Most vacuum bags are transparent, allowing the products in the package to be displayed on the shelf, and vacuum packaging is an economical packaging solution.
6. Fast and efficient packaging. With the right vacuum packing machine and material, vacuum sealing can be a very efficient process that can seal hundreds of products per hour.
 Vacuum Pack Machine
Above is the benefits of vacuum sealing food, and also have other benefits. Welcome to contact us for free.

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