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Best Budget Industrial Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Commercial Use

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commercial chamber vacuum sealer
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The commercial chamber vacuum sealer has the functions of vacuuming, sealing, and printing. In order to adapt to different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the vacuum sealer is equipped with adjustment devices such as vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time to achieve the best packaging effect.
Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Scope of Application:
The vacuum sealer machine is suitable for packaging solids, powders, foods, vegetables, fruits, etc. to prevent oxidation and mildew.
Vacuum Packaging Samples
Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Working Process:
Set the parameters, put the product in the bag, put it in chamber of the machine, press the top cover, That is, the vacuum chamber is vacuumed. After the vacuum is completed, the suction valve starts to operate, and the bag is subjected to heat sealing and cooling treatment to complete the vacuum sealing process.

Industrial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Features:
〇 The cover is made of fully transparent plexiglass to make the packaging process clearer.
〇 Sealing strips are provided on both sides to improve production efficiency.
Vacuum Sealer

〇 The control system of the industrial chamber vacuum sealer replaces the traditional relay control with a smart single-chip contactless control.
〇 The outer casing is made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to be deformed, is not easy to leak, and can guarantee the quality of the product.
 Commercial Vacuum Sealer
Technical Data
Model CK-DZ400
Power Source 220V 50Hz-60Hz
Power consumption 1.5KW
Sealing size 400×10mm
Packing speed 1~4 times /min
Chamber size 420*440*80mm
Dimension 660*600*1050mm
Weight 105Kg

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