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Commercial Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine with Single Chamber

Commercial vacuum packing machine
Meat vacuum packing machine
Why Use Vacuum Packaging?
By removing the air from the bag, to extend food's life up to 5 times longer. Whether you process the meat, fish, beef or any other type of food like fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheeses. This commercial vacuum packing machine can help you do it.
Besides extending product freshness, vacuum packaging protects meat from the ill effects of oxygen on fats, flavors, vitamins and food colors.
Vacuum Packed Food
Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Working Principle:
The main working process is to put the meat into bag, then put into the vacuum chamber, vacuum air in the chamber and bag, then complete the sealing action.

Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine Features:
〇 The meat vacuum packaging machine made of food grade 304 stainless steel, in order to prevent deformation, after a special strengthening treatment, long-term use will not deformation. The appearance adopts clean arc design, beautiful and hygienic.
〇 The vacuum speed is fast, the transmission efficiency is high, is about 4 times of the ordinary commercial vacuum packaging machine.
〇 Simple and convenient operation, without professional operators.
〇The adoption of packaging materials with excellent barrier property and strict sealing technology and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging contents and substances, prevent food from losing weight and taste, and prevent secondary pollution.
Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
Types of Meat Vacuum Packing Machine:
According to different people’s requirements for packing speed, we produce different types of vacuum packing machine, for example:
1. Double chamber vacuum packing machine: the output is larger and faster than the single type.
2. Automatic vacuum packing machine: Fully automated packaging, suitable for use in large food factories, high speed, large capacity.
Technical Data
Model CK-DZ400
Power Source 220V 50Hz-60Hz
Power consumption 1.5KW
Sealing size 400×10mm
Packing speed 1~4 times /min
Chamber size 420*440*80mm
Dimension 660*600*1050mm
Weight 105Kg

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