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Automatic Food Vacuum Packaging Machine Industrial

Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machine
Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine
This industrial vacuum packaging machine for food is a automatic vacuum packaging system, complete all actions in a continuous way. Widely used for cookies, meat, sausage and other food.
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Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machine Working Principle:
The working principle of this machine is relatively simple, the machine requires a forming mold, and the film needs to be heated first. The formed mold is then used to fill the shape of the container, and then the food needs to be filled into the formed lower mold cavity, and finally vacuum packed.

Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
〇 Photoelectric tracking, can choose color cover film or optical film for packaging, reduce cost, improve product grade.
〇 Adopt combined mould, easy to change, one machine multi-purpose, mould with cooling system.
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〇 The food vacuum packing machine can be equipped with automatic printing code or code system according to the user product packaging requirements.
〇 Advanced cross - cutting, vertical cutting system, computer tool adjustment.
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〇 This automatic vacuum packing machine is the high technology product with machine, electricity, gas unifinication, although the structure is more complex, but because use the design principle of modularization, so still have better combination and interchangeability.
As a vacuum packing machine factory, In addition to automatic vacuum packing machine, we also chamber vacuum packing machine, if you have any demand, leave message to us.
Technical Data
Model CK-DLZ420
Upper film width 396mm
Under film width 422mm
Size of the room 400×(200-400)mm
Speed 90-110pcs/min
Weight 1500kg
Power 10kw
Dimension 5.8*0.9*1.9m

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