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Industrial Vacuum Sealer Machine For Fish Seafood

Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer
Fish Vacuum Sealer
Industrial Vacuum Sealer
This single chamber commercial grade vacuum sealer is simple in structure, stable in performance and convenient in maintenance. Widely used in various seafood, fish, vegetable, fruit, etc.
Fish Vacuum Packing Machine Samples
Industrial Vacuum Sealer Machine Working Principle:
This fish vacuum packing machine adopts internal vacuum mode, put the seafood into the vacuum chamber of the machine, the machine will exhaust air to the vacuum chamber, so that the packaging bags have internal and external pressure difference, so as to achieve the purpose of compression packaging.

Seafood Vacuum Packaging Machine Features:
〇 The fish vacuum packing machine shell is made of stainless steel, and the control panel adopts the touch mode button, which can be pre-programmed into the required technical parameters of the package. When working, just press the vacuum chamber cover to complete the whole process of vacuum packaging according to the automatic program.
Vacuum Sealer

〇 The cover of the seafood vacuum packaging machine is made of transparent plexiglass. For different packing materials and requirements, the machine is equipped with vacuum degree, heat sealing time and other adjusting devices to achieve the best packing effect.
Semi Automatic Vacuum Sealer
〇 The industrial vacuum sealer machine has advanced design, complete functions, stable and reliable performance, wide range of application, high sealing strength, is the ideal fish vacuum packing machine.
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Industrial Vacuum Sealer Machine Configuration:
〇 Adopt stainless steel material, the thickness is 4mm, the frame is 1.5mm.
〇 Sealing length 400mm, cover height 150mm.
〇 Waterproof computer board control.

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Technical Data
Model CK-ZK260
Power source 220V/50Hz
Power 750W
Workroom size(mm) L318×W390×H110mm
Sealing length 260×8mm
Sealing speed 1-4(pcs/min)
Weight 40kgs
External size L367×W487×H448mm

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