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DZ600 Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine Price

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Dual Vacuum Packing Machine
The packaging speed of the double chamber vacuum machine is twice that of a single chamber vacuum packaging machine because it has two vacuum chambers. This machine is also suitable for meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. But the vacuum packing machine price is only a little higher than the single chamber.
Double Vacuum Packing Machine Packaging Sample
Double Chamber Vacuum Machine Working Principle:
Put the packaging bag into a vacuum chamber, then heat sealed, make the bag into vacuum.
Adopts packaging materials with excellent barrier properties and strict sealing technology and requirements, to keep fresh, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, insect-proof and anti-pollution.

Dual Chamber Vacuum Machine Features:
〇 Vacuum pump: Strict quality inspection system ensures safe and stable operation of the vacuum machine.
〇 Vacuum lid hinge: The special vacuum cover labor-saving hinge device greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
Double Vacuum Packing Machine Manufacturer

〇 Main materials:The main structural materials of the dual chamber vacuum machine made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures the aesthetics and anti-corrosion effect when used in the harsh environment of strong corrosion.
〇 Moving castor (with brake): The movable castor has good load-bearing capacity, is more convenient to move, and the solid brake device ensures the stability of the double chamber vacuum machine when working.
DZ 600 Vacuum Packing Machine

〇 V-shaped sealing strip: V-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip made of high-density material ensures the sealing property of the machine in daily work. The pressure and abrasion resistance of the material prolongs the service life of the sealing strip, reduces the replacement times and reduces the production cost.

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Technical Data
Model CK-DZ600-2
Power 380v/220v/50HZ/2.2kw
Vacuum room’s size 720*600*140 mm
Sealing Length 600*600 mm
Dimension 1225*680*900 mm
Vacuum pressure Less than 1KPA
Packing capacity 90-360 Pcs/min
Weight 230 kg

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