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Bottle Filling Machine Working Principle

  • Release Lime: Jul 11 2019
  • Source: Sherry
What is bottle filling machine working principle? Generally it can be divided into three steps: washing, filling, and capping. Three steps are done on one bottle filling machine.
 Bottle Filling Machine
The first step is to wash the bottle. The empty bottle reaches the vertical position with the stainless steel track, and the bottle mouth is vertically downward, then start washing. After washing, bottles reach the filling site. The filling head is inserted into the bottle and filling begins.
After the filling is completed, the bottle enters the capping step along with the track output. The capping machine has a sensor, the bottle passes, the cap will automatically fall down, the capping step is completed, and the entire filling process is completed.
 Bottle Filling Machine Factory

Although the bottle filling machine working principle is simple, the following points should be paid attention to during the work to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
1. If there is overflow in the filling head, press the safety emergency stop switch to ensure the workshop is clean.
2. Do not wash the body directly with water when removing and washing.
3. The body of the machine is made of stainless steel. Do not scratch the surface with sharp and hard tools.
4. The cylinder has been lubricated at the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricant.
5. Before cleaning, the residue in the machine should be removed and the tank filled with cleaning solution. Warm water is recommended for cleaning.
6. Remove the screws at the same time when removing the piston.
There are some differences in different models of bottle filling machine working principle. More details we will show in the operation manual.

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