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60 BPM Mineral Water Bottle Filling And Labeling Machine Price

Bottle Filling And Labeling Machine
Industrial Mineral Water Filling Machine
This automatic mineral water filling machine include 18BPM, 24BPM, 60BPM and other more than 5 models, but each model with different price. The water bottle filling machine can be used for mineral water, juice, beverage and other liquid. It can fill the liquid into different shapes of glass bottles or plastic bottles.
Bottle Filling Machine Packing Samples
60 BPM Mineral Wrater Filling Machine Features:
〇 In view of the different viscosity of the materials, special anti-drip and wire-drawing filling head valve and submersible filling lifting system are equipped.
〇 In order to make the filling head accurately aligned with the bottle mouth, a transverse bayonet device was designed to ensure the alignment accuracy.
Automatic Water Filling Machine

〇 Due to the complexity of materials, this mineral water filling machine sets up another set of gravity filling procedures to fix the flow channel parameters, and adopts the constant pressure filling method for the thin liquid to reduce the production cost and improve the filling speed. 

Water Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturer
〇 This bottle filling and labeling machine can determine the number of filling heads and cylinder volume according to the production needs of users.
〇 The filling machine is easy to maintain, easy to disassemble, clean and install, easy to measure and adjust.
Water Bottle Filling Machine Composition:
1. Frame and protective opening
This part is the support of the whole machine, with enough strength and stability, the table and protective door is made of non-steel.
2. Transmission system
Including bottle feeding, bottle washing system, filling system, sealing system, output bottle。
3. Washing bottle system
This part mainly completes the work of water supply and washing for bottle flushing. The water supply is controlled by electric appliance to the solenoid valve.
Water Bottle Filling Machine Factory

4. Filling System
This part mainly includes filling cylinder, filling valve, bottle holder and CAM lifting mechanism. Filling valve is made of 304 stainless steel, spring is made of special stainless steel.
5. Capping system
This part mainly includes sealing aluminum ring and sealing copper parts, bottle holder and CAM lifting mechanism, etc., this sealing adopts electric heating sealing. Each sealing mouth is equipped with an independent temperature control display. If the temperature is too low and the seal fails, an automatic alarm can be given to indicate the location of the failure and quick maintenance.
6. Labeling system

Water Bottle Filling Machine Video:
About bottle filling machine price, since different customers fill different materials and different requirements, the corresponding models are different and the prices are different. We will match the right model for each customer's needs and send a quote.
Technical Data
Model CK-GZ18/24/32TS
Filling Bottle PET bottle,glass bottle
Measuring range 350-2680ML
Bottle Size ∅60-∅112mm,height180-330mm
Packing Speed 5000-18000bottle/h
Filling valve number 18-32
Voltage 380VAC/50HZ
Power 2.5-7.5KW
Dimensions 3400L×3000W×2700H
Weight 4000KG-9000KG
Precision ≤±1%

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