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Automatic 10ml Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine Price

shampoo packing machine
Why Should Shampoo be Packed in A Small Pouch?
This is an ideal hygiene packing solution, very economical and easy to carry, especially for swimming pools, the sea or after sports showers. Applicable to a wide range of people, can help shampoo manufacturers get more profits.
The automatic shampoo packing machine is specially designed for small shampoo sachet packing, such as 5ml, 10ml, etc. The pouch types can be back seal, 3 sides seal, 4 sides seal.
Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine
Shampoo Packing Machine Features:
〇Intelligent control system, Chinese and English LCD display. Simply set the parameters to precisely control system operation.
〇Optional ribbon or ink wheel automatic code printer, print production batch number or production date.
Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine Details
〇The shampoo pouch packing machine can realize stepless speed adjustment, and adopts frequency conversion system and can be adjusted according to the production needs of customers.
〇 When there is an abnormal situation, the shampoo packaging machine can automatically stop feeding, to prevent the waste of raw materials.
Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine
〇 The bag type can be designed as a three-side seal, four-side seal and back seal according to user needs. The lines have straight and textured. The cutter can be selected from flat cutters, serrated cutters, etc.
Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine Details
Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine Working Process:
The packing process includes: bag making, longitudinal sealing, filling, transverse sealing, easy tearing, cutting, etc.

Shampoo Packing Machine Price:
The price of this series of machines is about 2500-5000USD, due to different models, configurations, materials, and prices will vary.
Customize Shampoo Packing Solution:
We can customize various liquid packaging equipment according to customer materials and packing demand, which can be connected to the production line to help customers improve production efficiency and obtain more profits.

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Technical Data
Model CK-LY350 CK-LY500
Power & Voltage 1.8KW 220V 1.8KW 220V
Packing range 10-300ml 100-1000ml
Film width 50-300mm 180-420mm
Bag size L:30-300mm W:20-140mm L:80-300mm W:80-200mm
Machine size 780*920*1980mm 780*920*2100mm
Machine weight 400kg 450kg
Film thickness 0.03-0.07mm 0.03-0.07mm

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