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Vertical Packing Machine

What is vertical packing machine? The packing material is fed by the stretching and feeding device, the film is formed into a cylindrical shape by bag former, and the side is sealed by the thermal vertical sealing device, while the package is injected into the bag, and the horizontal sealing mechanism cuts the package length according to the color code photoelectric detection device and location. Common packaging forms are as follows:

According to different materials, vertical packing machines can be divided into the following categories:
Particle Packing Machine
  • * The popcorn packing machine can be used for popcorn, nut, salt, etc. Suitable for small business.
  • * The nuts packing machine suitable for different kinds of nuts, chips, snacks and other material that require high measurement accuracy, fragile.
  • * Granule medical packing machine suitable for small granules and powder, such as medicine, sugar, salt, coffee, etc
Powder Packing Machine
  • * 1-100g powder packing machine is suitable for small pouch packing, such as spice, coffee, tea, curry powder, etc.
  • * 100-2000g powder packing machine is used for large pouch packing, for milk powder, flour, washing powder, etc.
  • * 100-2000g powder packing machine suitable for all kinds of powder, mainly pack powder in different shapes bag, such as stand up pouch, zipper pouch, etc.
Liquid Packing Machine
  • * The liquid pouch packing machine can pack all kinds of liquid in pillow type bag, such as tomato sauce, shampoo, jam, etc.
  • * Stand up pouch packing machine suitable for packing different liquid material in different shapes of bags.
  • * Liquid stick pack machine is suitable for liquid with good fluidity, such as honey, syrup, essential oil, etc.
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