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Vertical Cocoa Powder Packing Machine for Coconut Powder

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Coconut Powder Packing Machine
The coconut powder packing machine is mainly composed of feeding, weighing, display control system, actuator and mechanical structural parts. The cocoa powder packing machine can be adjusted for various production environments and production capacities. Mainly using for the packaging of powdered materials, such as coconut powder, cocoa powder, curry powder, etc.
 Coconut Powder Packing
Coconut Powder Packing Machine Features:
〇 Intelligent weighing display controller: high resolution, high speed A / D conversion, zero tolerance alarm, a variety of standard data communication interfaces.
〇High-performance pneumatic components: Ensure long-term reliability of the valve opening/closing power.
Coconut Powder Packing Machine Factory

〇 Fault self-diagnosis: In the event of a fault, the meter automatically indicates the fault category with a code to help correct the error of cocoa powder packing machine or perform a repair.
〇 Keyboard setting parameters: The cocoa powder packing machine is simple and convenient to change the working parameters by keyboard operation.
Packing Samples
〇 Stable performance: The electrical configuration adopts well-known domestic brands, which can adapt to high-load work and low failure rate, which can improve packaging efficiency.
〇 The sealing effect is good, the sealing is smooth and has no wrinkles.

Coconut Powder Packing Machine Maintenance details:
1. When changing the quantitative value or material, the relevant settings of the feeding device must be reset and tested.
2. Regularly check the sensor connector, junction box, level gauge and electrical components used for control to ensure the accuracy of the cocoa powder packing machine.
3. Regularly inspect and clean all running parts, check the coordination of the movement of each component, ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Technical Data
Model CK-LF500
Voltage and Powder 220V/1.8kw
Packing range 200-1000ml
Film width 180-420mm
Bag size L:30-300mm
Machine size 820*980*2100mm
Weight 580kg
Film thickness 0.03-0.10mm

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