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High Speed Baby Talcum Powder Filling Machine Line

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Talcum Powder filling line
Talcum powder filling line
As a packing machine manufacturer, we provide talcum powder packing solutions according to the requirements of customers. For now, we have developed a single-head, double-head, four-head and six-head automatic baby powder filling line, which is specially designed for powder filling in the pharmaceutical, health care products and food industries, such as glucose powder, baby talcum powder, spice powder, etc.
Packaging Effect:
Talcum Powder Bottles

Baby Powder Filling Machine Application:

Food, beverages, detergents, chemicals and other powdery materials that are easy to flow or have extremely poor fluidity, such as veterinary drugs, powdered additives, powdered beverages, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticides, dyes, etc.

Talcum Powder Filling Process:

sorting the bottle→screw feeding and mixing→screw metering→filling powder→capping→labeling
Customers can choose several of the powder filling line according to actual needs. Mainly include feeding part, filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine, etc. Can also add shrink wrapping machine to pack a fixed number of bottles together.

How Does Talcum Powder Filling Machine Work?

1. The operator pours the talcum powder into the hopper, and then feeds the empty bottle into the machine.
2. The conveyor belt guides the bottles and positions them under the filling head.
3. The machine measures the talcum powder to be dispensed into each bottle.
4. The filling head dispenses a consistent amount of talcum powder into each bottle.
5. The filled container enters the sealing part, and the sealing machine seals the bottle.

Baby Powder Filling Machine Characteristics:

1. The talcum powder filling machine design is reasonable, the replacement of packaging varieties, cleaning is very convenient.
2. Using touch screen display, screen display English working status, operation instructions, simple and intuitive. Packing weight stepless adjustable, operation mode can be arbitrary change, fault alarm prompt.
3. By replacing the screw accessories, this high speed powder filling machine can adapt to the packaging of small particles to ultra-fine powder materials. According to different materials can be added with vacuum negative pressure, vibration and other devices.
4. Servo drive is adopted for filling, high positioning accuracy, large torque distance, long life and adjustable speed.
5. This powder filling line with lost cost uses PLC control, anti - interference, stable work.

Internal Structure of Baby Powder Packing Machine:
Low Cost Powder Filling Machine
Automatic Powder Filling Machine Details

The customizable service makes our powder filling machines loved by many customers. We have provided customized solution to customers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Thailand and other countries. If you want to get your customized solution, you can contact us in the following ways.
phone/whatsapp: 0086-15515573212

Technical Data
Model CK-GZ1/2/4/6FJ
Filling Bottle PET bottle,glass bottle,etc
Measuring range 1-200g(can custom)
Bottle Size inner≥Φ8mm,height≥20mm
Packing Speed 10-200bottle/min
Filling valve number 1-6
Voltage 380VAC/50HZ
Power 1.5-7KW
Dimensions 2000L×1000W×1850H
Weight 500-1000KG
Precision ≤100g deviation≤±1.5g,
≤200g deviation≤±1%

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