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High Speed Bottle Heat Shrink Wrap Machine for Sale

Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine
Shrink wrap machine for bottles
What Is Heat Shrink Wrap?
Shrink wrap is a packaging method in which the packaging film is tightly wrapped on the bottles. Shrink wrap is applied to tightly fit bottles using a heat source that shrinks the wrap to the particular dimensions of the bottles it’s covering. The source of heat is either generated from shrink tunnel.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap:
1. Diversify packaging forms, which is conducive to sales promotion.
2. Make the product packaging brighter and upgrade the grade.
3. Dustproof function. If the product is not wrapped with film, the product is very easy to accumulate dust, which will affect the appearance of the product.
4. Moisture-proof. Especially important in the hardware products and food industries. If the product is not packaged during transportation or storage, it is easy to get damp or even deteriorate.
5. Shrink wrap can better protect the product from bumps and friction.
6. Flexibility. The bottle shrink wrap machine has the flexibility to fit different specifications of bottles, especially the cluster packaging of small bottles.

Heat Shrink Wrapping Process:
organize the bottles-- grouping-- wrapping-- cutting-- shrinking-- cooling-- finished

Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine Application:
This heat shrink wrap machine is loved by customers because of its low price, high speed and wide use range. It can be used for different types of bottles, such as glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, jars, etc.
Industrial shrink wrap samples
Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine Features:
1. The heat shrink wrap machine adopts advanced structure of heat sealing and cutting, firm sealing, neat edge, good stitching performance, low power consumption and firm sealing.
2. The sealing and cutting body is driven by cylinder with guide posts at both ends, which can ensure the smoothness and reliability of sealing and cutting film.
3. The conveying trough of the bottle shrink wrap machine adopts the form of plastic steel chain net, which can be used for a long time without deformation and conveying is stable.
4. The heating tunnel is made of high quality stainless steel heat sink, filled with magnesium oxide, its heat dissipation is stable, uniform, long service life.
5. The industrial shrink wrap machine adopts a hot air circulation system, the air flow is adjustable, and the heat energy is naturally recovered. The furnace structure not only achieves a good packaging effect, but also plays an energy-saving role, ensuring good shrinkage effect and stability of the high speed packaging.
Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturer
Technical Data
                  Sealing and Cutting Machine
Model CK-FX5038 Power 1.6kw,220V/50HZ,
Max Packing Size 450*270*330mm
Packing speed 0----8 pcs/min Pressure 5kg/square
Dimension 1020*830*1500mm Weight 170KG
                 Heat shrinking Machine
Model CKBS-6040 Heating power 22KW
Max Size of Packing chamber 600*400*1500mm
Dimension 2500*850*1400mm Weight 200kg

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