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Bath Bomb Shrink Wrap Machine
Bath ball shrink wrap machine
The bath bomb shrink wrap machine accept for bath fizzers and bombs, it also can suit for grouped food and drinks, cup instant noodles, milk tea, mosquito coils, filters, cosmetics, etc. 

Bath Ball Shrink Wrap Machine Working Principle:
The machine wraps the bath bomb with film through a horizontal packaging machine and automatically feeds them into the shrink tunnel. By running the mesh belt in the shrink tunnel, the thermal energy effect during the operation can achieve the purpose of shrinking. The machine cooperates with the automatic dual temperature controller to control the temperature, and through the hot air circulation, the shrinking quality of the film on the bath bomb is more stable and beautiful.

 Bath Bomb Shrink Wrap

Bath Bomb Shrink Wrap Machine Features:
1. Packaged bath bomb in single.
2. Horizontal blade of sealing part uses vertical drive; side blade adopts the brand thermostatic side sealing knife. Sealing line is straight and strong which can guarantee the sealing in the middle of the product. It can keep continuously sealing and cutting to achieve perfect sealing effect.
3. The bath ball shrink wrap machine adopts the advanced PLC programmable controller, meanwhile it also has safety protection and alarm device. The sealing system can continue to make a smooth sealing action without replacement.
4. The feeding length controlled by photo sensor and time relay which regulates film length precisely and makes the shrinking under control;
5. The installation of two groups of horizontal and vertical electric eyes are easy to switch choice for thin or small package that can easily complete sealing packaging operations.
btah ball shrink wrap machine
How to Wrap Bath Bombs?

Optional Device:
According to the customer's demand for bath bomb packaging speed and packaging style, the following equipment can be selected.
1. Date printer
2. Automatic sorting machine
3. Automatic feeder
4. Automatic grouping device
If you are not sure whether the bath bomb shrink wrap machine is suitable for your product, please send your product picture to 
Technical Data
Model CK-120
Max Film size ≤590mm
Packing size L:60mm-320mm
Packing speed 30-150(bag/min)
Film type PE;PVC;POF
Power consumption 3.6KW+16.5KW
Power supply host:220V, 50HZ; Heat shrinkable machine:380V, 50HZ
Envelop dimensions 5000x1105x1450mm
Shrinking machine 2400x600x1700mm
Weight 1600KG

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