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Cuff Type Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine for Food

Cuff Type Shrink Wrap Machine
Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
Shrink Wrap Machine for Food
The cuff type semi automatic shrink wrapping machine can aggregate individual or multiple items. And according to the number of packaging, product size, the shrink wrapping machine can adjust parameters, to adapt to different wrapping specifications.
Application of Food Shrink Wrap Machine:
The machine can be used for food, vegetable, fruit, box, bottles, etc.
Shrink Wrap Sample
Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Structural Features:
◎ The sealing and cutting parts are coated with teflon, resistant to high temperature, no cracking, no smoke, zero pollution, the sealing frame is made of high quality alloy, and the frame is not easy to deform.
Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine for Food
◎ Shrink film frame drum thickening, bearing capacity, easy to change the film, after adjusting the position of the film with both sides of the baffle ring fixed.
◎ Leakage protection device, multiple protection, safer use.
Food Shrink Wrap Machine Characteristics:
◎ The upper and lower power supply is controlled by inductive switch, which can effectively prevent miscutting the package and ensure the safety of the operator.
◎ Up and down hot air circulation system, to ensure a perfect packaging effect.
Food Shrink Wrap Machine Factory

◎ Touch screen control, so that the semi automatic shrink wrapping machine movement control into a high precision intelligent state. All actions are monitored and the status is displayed on the touch screen, making the machine run more safely and reliably. The food shrink wrap machine is equipped with automatic alarm device to further improve the safety and reliability of the machine.
Shrink Wrap Process

◎ Omron ac contactor and high-power solid state adjustment perfect combination, equipped with intelligent instruments, so that the system temperature more accurate, longer service life.
◎ High power stepless transmission system ensures transmission quality.
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Technical Data
                  Sealing and Cutting Machine
Model CK-FX5038 Power 1.6kw,220V/50HZ,
Max Packing Size 450*270*330mm
Packing speed 0----8 pcs/min Pressure 5kg/square
Dimension 1020*830*1500mm Weight 170KG
                 Heat shrinking Machine
Model CKBS-6040 Heating power 22KW
Max Size of Packing chamber 600*400*1500mm
Dimension 2500*850*1400mm Weight 200kg

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