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Industrial Fine Dry Powder Weighing And Filling Machine

Dry Powder Filling Machine
Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine
The fine dry powder filling machine can automatically complete filling, measuring, filling, feedback, sealing and other work, suitable for powder material with good fluidity. Such as milk powder, pepper powder, spice powder, coconut powder, etc.
Powder Bottles
Powder Weighing And Filling Machine Features:
O SUS304 and 316L stainless steel are used for manufacturing, in line with GMP requirements.
O The fine powder filling machine uses special screw quantitative bottle filling, computer real-time tracking, filling speed, high precision.
Automatic Powder Filling Machine

O High precision CAM indexing meter control, accurate positioning.
O The dry powder filling machine with frequency conversion control, arbitrary adjustment of production speed, automatic counting.
O Automatic stop function, no bottle no filling.
Auger Powder Filling Machine

O The powder weighing and filling machine adopts man-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control, accurate filling.
O The whole filling line operation chain control, convenient production, but also single machine operation control, more humanized, convenient production.

Additional design schemes can be provided according to customer requirements and material performance:
〇 According to your needs to add and equip with suction device, supporting industrial vacuum cleaner.
〇 The dry powder filling machine can also change the feeding mode so as to apply to the packaging of granular materials.
〇 For the material with large viscosity, the powder weighing and filling machine can be equipped with vibration device in an appropriate position to prevent blocking or sticking.
Technical Data
Model CK-GZ2FJ
Filling Bottle PET bottle,glass bottle,etc
Measuring range 1-200g(can custom)
Bottle Size inner≥Φ8mm,height≥20mm
Packing Speed 10-200bottle/min
Filling valve number 1-6
Voltage 380VAC/50HZ
Power 1.5-7KW
Dimensions 2000L×1000W×1850H
Weight 500-1000KG
Precision ≤100g deviation≤±1.5g,
≤200g deviation≤±1%

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