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Automatic Masala Powder Packing Machine Low Price

Masala Pouch Packing Machine
Masala Packing Machine
Masala packing machine samples
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This automatic masala packing machine is a small vertical packing machine. suitable for small or new businesses. As a packing machine manufacturer, we supply this machine at a low price for our customers.

Masala Powder Packing Machine Working Principle:

By controlling the number of rotations or times of the screw to control the volume of the masala, the purpose of weighing and filling is achieved.


Masala Packing Machine Application:

This machine is applied to almost all powder materials, such as spice powder, masala powder, curry powder, chili powder, etc. And according to the packaging needs of different customers, this machine can make pillow bags, gusseted bags, three-sided sealing bags, four-sided sealing bags, etc.

Masala Packing Machine Sample

Automatic Masala Packing Machine Features:

O High packaging speed, can up to 55 bags/min.
O Made of stainless steel, combined material box, cleaning is convenient, beautiful and rustproof.
O Fixed screw installation structure, filling will not affect the nature of materials.
O The masala powder packing machine uses PLC control, color touch screen display, high degree of automation, simple operation.
O Double pull film and servo system are adopted to ensure smooth transfer of packing film and smooth bagging.
Masala packing machine details
If you plan to start large-scale masala production, or improve production efficiency, we recommend that you choose high-speed large packing machines↗. While improving efficiency, it also saves labor. And compared with small machines, it has a wider range of packaging.
Types of masala powder packing machine

Masala Packing Machine FAQ:

1. How to ensure the quality of the machine before shipment?
The automatic masala packing machines are rigorously tested by our quality controllers against diverse parameters in order to deliver a defect-free range at clients end. Moreover, the offered machines are extensively appreciated by our clients for featuring variegated attributes like easy installation and durability.
2. What is your masala packing machine price?
The masala packing machine price from 3000-10000 USD, the price of different models is different, so before telling you the exact price, we need to confirm your packing requirements, and then recommend the appropriate model.
3. How do you ship to our country?
Under normal circumstances, there are 3 ways to choose: 1. by train 2. by sea 3. by air. The popular way is by sea, because the price is cheap.
Technical Data
Machine Model CKLB-320C
Roll width 300mm
Bag length 30-200mm   
Bag width 40-150mm
Measurement range 50-200ml
Packing speed 30-80Bags/min
Roll diameter Max.300mm
Packaging film thickness 0.04-0.07mm
Power supply specifications 220V.50/Hz,2.4kw
Weight 300kg
Packaging Materials
Bag Type Trilateral closure

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