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Multi Lanes Medicine Powder Packing Machine

Medicine Powder Packing Machine
The stick pack packing machine can be used for different kinds of powder, such as medicine powder, milk powder, coffee powder, etc.
Medicine Powder Packing Machine Features:
1. The servo motor is used to drive the screw to fill, the filling speed is fast. The filling speed and filling amount can be easily adjusted in the touch screen, the precision can reach ±1%.
2. PID digital temperature control, temperature independent control, sealing temperature deviation ± 1 degree, temperature control is more stable.
stick pack packing machine factory

3. The hopper has transparent window for easy observation.
4. The working principle of Schneider servo motor heat sealing bag can be used to change the length of the bag without changing other components, and it is more accurate.

5. Using “Panasonic” PLC control, with “KINCO” multi-language touch screen display, the operation is intuitive and simple.
6. SICK color-coded electric eye tracking system is used to obtain a complete trademark pattern when packaging color-coded packaging materials.
stick pack samples
Medicine Powder Packing Machine Details:
1.Applicable packaging materials: composite aluminum film / aluminum film / paper film.
2.The whole stick pack packing machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel + aluminum alloy structure.
3.Filling method: Servo motor drives screw filling.
Technical Data
Model CKMLPF-800-06P
Package material thickness:  0.04-0.08 mm
Bag length range:  50mm-120mm
Bag width range:  40-100mm
Sealing width:  4-15mm
Packing speed:   20-45 times / Min
Gas source:  0.6-0.8Mpa
 Power supply specification:  220V/380V 50/60HZ

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