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Irregular Shaped Energy Gel Sachet Packing Machine

gel sachet packing machine
energy gel packing machine
This multi-lanes energy gel packing machine is divided into several models: 2 lanes, 4 lanes, 6 lanes, 8 lanes, and 10 lanes. Users can customize the machine according to the actual production situation.
Gel Sachet Packing Machine Features:
O The peristaltic pump is used to measure the material, which is convenient for operation and has its own feeding function. The peristaltic pump is suitable for some liquid materials with better fluidity. If it is a sauce or paste material with poor fluidity, a piston pump can be used to measure the material. This gel sachet packing machine can be equipped with peristaltic pump or piston pump according to the user's material characteristics.
 gel sachet packing machine factory

O The pneumatic control system and PLC control servo motor double-pull or single-pull film structure, the sealing and cutting position adopt the motor automatic correction device, which maximizes the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the energy gel packing machine.
O Multi-line simultaneous packaging, high speed and stability.
 energy gel packing machine

O Automatic alarm protection function, assist in troubleshooting in time when failure occurs, and minimize loss.
O The energy gel packing machine with large display color touch screen can store the packaging parameters of a variety of different products, and can be used at any time when changing products without resetting.

Gel Sachet Packing Machine Application:
Can be used for liquid and paste materials in food, cosmetics and other industries. Such as: chemical reagents, dyes, catalyst additives, toothpaste, honey, cream, shampoo, seasoning oil, jam, shower gel, tomato sauce, peanut butter, etc.
Technical Data
Model CK-280BY-4
Voltage 220V,50Hz,single phase
(could be customized)
Power 3.5kw
Packing list number 4
Packing speed Single column Max. 35 packs/min
Packaging size Length: 50-180mm width: 17-30mm
Film width Maximum 280 mm
film thickness 0.05-0.1mm
Dimension 1385*918*2005mm
Weight 350kg
Materials 304 stainless steel

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