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12 Multiline Sugar Stick Packing Machine for Sale

Sugar stick packing machine for sale
Sugar stick packing machine
Stick pack machine
The sugar stick packing machine is used for granular free flowing products with weight range between 1gram to 20grams. It’s commonly used for free flowing foods or materials such as sugar, salt, coffee, cinnamon, etc.

The stick pack machine belongs to the vertical packaging machine. Multiple stick packs are formed by cutting and forming a roll of film, then filling and sealing. And the stick pack machine can make various types of bags, for example, back seal bags, 3 side seals, 4 side seals, etc.

Sugar Packing Process:
→The film is loosened up from the film reel, situated at the back part of the machine. The film loosening up process is finished by means of movement of the cross-seal jaws, situated at the front of the sugar stick packing machine.The film is strung over a sensor that peruses eye checks and controls the situation of the even seal in connection to the imprinting on the film.
→From the nip rollers, the film goes into the cutting area. The extensive move of packaging film is cut into strips dependent on what number of paths the stick packing machine has.
→From here, the cut film passes numerous shaping tubes. As the cut film peaks the shoulder (neckline) on each framing tube, it is folded around the tube, so the final product is a ‘stick pack’.

By changing the metering device, the packaging of different materials can be realized, such as:
*Coffee and condiments and other foods
*Medicinal liquids, creams, gels
*Shampoos, creams and powders for the cosmetic industry

Sugar Packing Machine Features:
☺All settings of the machine can be made on PLC and touch screen.
☺The food contact part is made of 304 stainless steel. You have the option of ordering 100% stainless steel stick sugar packing machine.
☺This machine adopts high-precision integral rolling heat-sealing roller as the four-side/three-side sealing of the sealing mold. The bag shape is flat and the sealing is firm, delicate and beautiful, with good packaging quality and high efficiency.
Sugar stick packing machine factory
☺The actuators such as vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, filling, batch numbering, dotted line cutting, and cross cutting can be adjusted through the man-machine interface.
☺This stick sugar packing machine is equipped with an automatic correction and damping mechanism for the packaging film to ensure the stability of the straightness and tension of the film, thereby improving the flatness and aesthetics of the bag shape.
☺Advanced performance, high strength, low noise, compact structure, stable operation and long service life. In addition, a film connection mechanism has been added to make the film change and maintenance more convenient. 

Stick packs meet contemporary consumer demand for convenient, disposable, on-the-go packaging. From beverage powder mixes to medicinal powders, we produce stick pack machine that pack quickly and reliably. The use of reliable, adjustable parts allows the machine to pack stick packs of different sizes.
We supply stick pack machines for factories of different production sizes, from 2 lanes up to 12 lanes. It can be configured with easy tear opening, various sealing patterns, static elimination and other options to meet all your packaging requirements. Contact us for more information(Email: )

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Technical Data
Model CK320-8
Voltage 220V,50Hz,single phase
(could be customized)
Bag length/mm 90-180
Bag width/mm 16-22.5
Film Width/mm Max 320
Lanes No 8
Speed/bag/minute 240-320 bags/minute
Sealing ways Back sealing,3 sides sealing and 4 sides sealing
Dimension 1585*1018*2005mm
Weight 400kg
Materials 304 stainless steel

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