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Baby Food Squeeze Pouch Filling Machine for Sale

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This baby food squeeze pouch filling machine is mainly used for automatic metering and packaging of liquid, sauce, etc. Such as baby food, juice, tomato sauce, chili sauce, hand soap, detergent, etc.
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The automatic squeeze pouch filling machine replaces the manual packaging, and the key parts are made of engineering plastic bearings, which effectively reduces the pollution of materials and improves the quality and hygiene of the materials to be packaged. This packaging machine for baby food is used to fill and seal prefabricated stand-up pouches (flat pouches, ziplock pouches, zipper pouches). The compact design saves space and can be easily adjusted to different bag widths. It is a cost-effective alternative to complex filling lines. The workflow is simple and efficient.

Food Pouch Filling Machine Packaging Process:
1. Baby food pouch feeder and pouch taker
2. Date code - Zipper opener (optional)
3. Baby food pouch top and bottom openings
4. 1st filling position, 2nd filling position
5. Sealing
6. Outlet conveyor

Baby Food Pouch Filling Machine Features:
〇The whole packing process does not require manual work, which effectively improves production efficiency, saves labor costs and management costs, and reduces packaging costs.
〇 The horizontal bag feeding method make the bag storage device store more bags.
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〇The squeeze pouch filling machine with a liquid stirring device to prevent precipitation of micro-particle materials.
〇 Multi-purpose pouch filling equipment, it is only necessary to match different materials with different metering devices to realize automatic packaging of particles, powders, liquids and other products.

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〇 The baby food pouch filling machine also has an automatic detection function when it is packing. If the bag is not opened, or the opening is incomplete, no feeding, no heat sealing, the bag can be reused, no material is wasted, and the cost of the packaging material is saved.
〇 The baby food pouch filling machine with wide packing range, can be used for bag packaging of paper-plastic composite, plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite, etc. 
Food Pouch Filling Machine Application:
The versatility allows this packaging machine to meet the packaging requirements of different industries:
1) Meet the requirements of beverage industry, such as juice, jelly, salad dressing, etc.
2) Great for packaging sauces, peanut butter, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and dehydrated cooked foods that contain more than one ingredient.
3) Packaging of daily necessities such as liquid soap and disinfectant.
Technical Data
Pouch Materials Composite film, PE, PP
Pouch Types stant up pouch,stand up pouch with spout,flat pouch
Pouch Size W:100-210mm  L:100-350mm(can custom)
Max Filling Range 5000ml
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Speed 10-60bags/min
Voltage 380V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Power 5.5kw
Compressed Air 0.6m³/min

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