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Automatic Mustard Oil Pouch Packing Machine Price

Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine
Oil Pouch Packing Machine
This mustard oil pouch packing machine is fully automatic and low cost, which can fill a variety of liquid products, such as coconut oil, olive oil, water, milk,juice,liquid laundry, etc. The oil pouch packing machine is equipped with advanced production systems, first-rate control systems, making the machine more convenient and fast in control.
 Mustard Oil Pouch Packing Machine Samples
The oil pouch packing machine has been sold in more than 30 countries, and got the praise of the customers. We have our own factory, and the machines are sold at ex-factory prices. This is why our machines are of high quality and low cost. And loved by our customers.
Mustard Oil Pouch Packing Machine Features:
〇 The machine adopts Germany Siemens advanced PLC control system, which is easy to operate and combined with touch and electrical control system, which can effectively improve the production rate.
〇 The automatic oil pouch packing machine with automatic inspection system. If there is no filling or sealing, an alarm can be issued to avoid waste of packaging materials and raw materials.
 Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine
〇 Beautiful appearance, the welding level of our oil pouch packing machine can be seamless, flawless, very flat and bright, and the frame materials are made of 304 stainless steel. The chassis steel plate can reach 5-7 mm, strong and durable, and the electrical box has high sealing degree, moisture proof and waterproof.
〇 Long life, the mustard oil pouch packing machine has less wearing parts, less structure, less equipment wear and high configuration, the service life can be at least 10 years, and the service life is far more than the similar machines in the market.
 Oil Pouch Packing Machine Factory

If you need the automatic oil pouch packing machine price, please leave the message about what do you want to pack, what is the size of your pouch to us, then we will introduce you a suitable model according to your requirement, and send you the price in 24 hours.
Technical Data
Model CK-720Y
Packaging Materials OPP/CPP OPP/PE NILO/PE PE
Maximum Metering Range 10L(can be customized)
Bag Size W200-350mm; L400mm
Packaging Speed 5-50bags/min
Maximum Width Of Roll Film 720mm(can be customized)
Voltage 220VAC/50HZ
Power 5KW
Size 1700L*1350W*1950H
Weight 700KG
Precision ±1%

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