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Vertical Ketchup Sachet Packing Machine For Sale

Tomato Ketchup Packing Machine
Ketchup Sachet Packing Machine
ketchup packing machine for sale
This vertical ketchup sachet packing machine is a new type of automatic packaging machine newly developed by our company. As far as what to use the machine for, it can be used to pack any free-flowing, non-free-flowing, and liquid paste products, such as:
Foods: salad, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, ketchup, oil, soybean sauce, honey, etc.
Personal care: shampoo, bath gel, skin lotion, cosmetic cream, hair conditioner, hand sanitizer, etc.
 Packing Samples
Types of Bag:
The tomato ketchup packing machine can realize various sealing methods such as back sealing, three-side sealing and four-side sealing, which can meet the requirements of different customers. And different bag-making types have multi lane models, which can meet customers' requirements for high-speed and large capacity packaging. (single lane packing speed can up to 60bags/minute)
Ketchup Sachet Packing Machine Features:
O Strong anti-interference ability. The photoelectric control system has strong anti-light and electric interference capability effectively eliminates false color standards and automatically completes the bag length.
O Accurate temperature control. The ketchup sachet packing machine uses heat-sealed four-way intelligent temperature control, more accurate.
O Clean and hygienic. The machine body is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and meets GMP requirements.
O It has a stirring function to prevent material precipitation.
 Tomato Ketchup Packing Machine Details

How to Operate this Ketchup Packing Machine?
This video will show you how does the machine work. For more detailed operation methods, please contact +8615515573212

How to Maintain The Ketchup Packing Machine?
There are many kinds of ketchup packing machine for sale on market. No matter which manufacturer you buy from, you must pay attention to maintenance, in order to ensure the long-term stable work of the machine.
1. Keep the tomato ketchup packaging machine clean, all pipes, especially those that are contact with materials, must be kept clean. Wash weekly, need to sterilize every time.
2. Brush and sterilize the ketchup tank, ensure they are free of scale and bacteria.
How to Clean the Machine?
When you change packaging materials, you need to clean the machine first. We recommend that the hopper, bag maker and other parts in contact with the material be removed and rinsed with water. The specific disassembly steps will be sent to your mailbox.
Technical Data
Model CK61BY
Total Power 1.4KW/220V 60Hz 1phase
Measure Range 1-100grams(3-100ml)
Packing Speed 30-60bags/minute
Bag Size Marking L: 30-170mm, W: 30-130mm
Packing Film Thickness 0.03-0.07mm
Gross Weight 400kg
Outsize Dimensions 900*1100*1590 (mm)

Major Parts Brands:
S/N Description Brand
1 Temperature-controlled meter TESHOW
2 Stepping motor Whalen tong
3 Switch Chint Group
4 SQP Sen sida
5 Solid-state relay MEGIR
6 Variable frequency motor Thunis
7 Color mark sensor HengWang

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