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Multi Pack Cookies Biscuit Packing Machine Price

biscuit packing machine
cookies packaging machine
As a professional biscuit packing machine manufacturer, we have a complete, scientific quality management system, our integrity, strength and quality has been recognized by the majority of customers. And always provide machines with factory price to our customers.
Use of Cookies Packaging Machine:
This automatic biscuit packing machine is suitable for different types of food, such as biscuit, cookies, cake, bread, peanut brittle and other baking food. Make the products look more beautiful.
Biscuit Cookies Packaging
Multi Pack Biscuit Packing Machine Features:
〇 Differential feeding mode, so that the multi pack biscuit packing machine in the process of operation can be convenient to achieve the adjustment of feeding position.
〇 The color mark detector makes the color mark detection more accurate. The mesh, straight grain and vertical grain seals are optional.
Types of Packaging Bags
〇 The crosscutting adopts load cutting method, the finished product tangent line is accurate, the high sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
〇 Good electrical equipment to ensure the long-term operation of cookies packaging equipment reliability. 
Cookie Packing Machine Fatory
〇 The cookies packaging machine uses industrial touch screen, simple and convenient operation, user-friendly design, man-machine dialogue operation, parameters display intuitive.
〇 The automatic biscuit packing machine's control system, servo drive system, electrical system and other internationally renowned brands.
Coding Machine
〇 The automatic biscuit packing machine equipped with photoelectric plate alignment device to ensure the accurate positioning of packaging patterns. At the same time, it can be equipped with automatic code spraying and coding system.
〇 The special adjustable bag-making device can better adapt to the current packaging requirements of various varieties and specifications.

How Does Multi Pack Biscuit Packing Machine Work?

As a manufacturer, our designs offer:
1. Customization specific to your cookies/biscuits.
2. Gentle product collation and accumulation, including upstacking or downstacking.
3. Stainless steel frames, can be for thorough washdowns.
4. Quick changeovers with molds. 
FAQ for Cookies Packaging Machine:
1: What is biscuit/cookies packaging material, where to buy it?
Answer: food packaging film is requested for food grade, hot sealing airtightness type, we suggest double laminated film, OPP with CPP material, thickness 40-50 micrometers. if you need this service, can contact us.
2: Do you have machine for biscuit in multi pack and carton packaging?
Answer: Yes, we have relevant machines, if you need, please write in the message.

Technical Data
Model CK-ZS250X
Width of Film Max.250mm
Length of Bag 65~190mm or 120~280mm
Width of Bag 30~110mm
Height of Product Max.40mm
Film Roll Diameter Max.320mm
Packing Speed 40~230bags/min
Power 220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA
Size (L)3920×(W)670×(H)1320
Weight 800Kg

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