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Horizontal Popsicle Packaging Machine
Ice Cream Packaging Machine
Popsicle Wrapping Machine Scope of Application:
The popsicle sealing machine is suitable for food (instant noodles, bread, hamburger, biscuits, popsicle, ice cream bar, etc.), daily necessities (soap, napkin, etc.).
Ice Cream Bar Package
Popsicle Wrapping Machine Features:
〇 The main motor is equipped with high quality ac inverter to realize stepless transmission.
〇 The main control uses PLC program control, stable performance, simple operation.
〇 High-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.
Automatic Popsicle Packaging Machine

〇 The belt length is adjusted by the toothed chain CVT, which is durable, stable and accurate.
〇 No manual setting is needed for bag length, which is automatically detected and set during popsicle sealing machine operation.
Popsicle Packaging
 Custom Popsicle Packaging Machine Principles and Features:
◎ The differential feeding mode makes it convenient to adjust the feeding position in the running process.
◎ The popsicle wrapper machine uses advanced microcomputer packaging controller, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, so that the speed, the length of the bag, the location of the cut can be directly displayed on the interface.

Automatic Popsicle Wrapper Machine Optional Device:
〇 Code printer
〇 Straight line middle sealing wheel
〇 Net end sealing die
〇 Super touch screen
Popsicle Wrapping Machine
Technical Data
Type CK-ZS350W
Film width Max.350mm
Bag length 110-330mm
Bag width 30~130mm
Product height 10-60mm
Film roll diameter Max. 320mm
Packaging rate 30-120bag/min
Power 220V,50/60Hz,2.4KW
Machine size (L)3670×(W)820×(H)1410
Machine quality 800Kg

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