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Multifunction Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Price

fruit vegetable packing machine
vegetable packing machine
This fruit and vegetable packing machine is designed for the packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits. Such as lettuce, potato, broccoli, salad, etc. Of course, there are also dry vegetable packaging machine, but it is another type of packing machine.
Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Composition:
〇  Servo motor, easier maintenance
The head sealing and film feeding parts all use the servo motor alone, the stability is better.
〇  Anti-bite device (PACS) (optional)
Can carefully monitor the product in the packaging bag internal position deviation, when there is an abnormal situation, can immediately stop the head sealing alone.
〇  Standard roll film central axis control
Easy to install film, film core can be adjusted by small button.
〇  Printer unit (optional)
The name and number of the producer can be printed.
Lettuce Packing Machine
Lettuce Vegetable Packing Machine Characteristics:
O The main line material distribution system adopts a central integrated control system to automatically adjust the distribution according to the product feeding speed and quantity.
O The material management unit of the vegetable packing machine controls the products in order through the servo and PLC control, enters the packaging system without damage, realizes the product transportation, sorts the queue, locates accurately.
O LCD touch screen, user-friendly design, simple operation, improve work efficiency. Meet the requirements of large-scale production and packaging, and ensure the continuity and stability of production.
O The fruit vegetable packing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, microcomputer control system, PlD digital display intelligent temperature controller, photoelectric detection two-way tracking system, automatic tracking and cutting point.
Vegetable Packaging Equipment Packing Samples:
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packing Machine Style
How Does Vegetable Packing Machine Work?
1. Load packing film on the packaging machine.
2. Adjust the packing opening according to the film width and vegetable height, and start the packing machine after the adjustment is completed.
3. Adjust the speed of the vegetable packing machine conveyor belt.
4. Put the vegetables to be packaged on the conveyor belt and transfer them into the packaging opening.
5. The vegetables go through the packaging port and the packaging is complete.

Technical Data
Model CK-ZS600
Film width Max .600mm
Bag length 200-600mm
Bag width 180-280mm
Product height Max 110mm
Packing speed 15-100bags/min
Power supply 220V,50/60 HZ ,2.8 KW
Machine size 4020*820*1320mm
Machine weight 850KG

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