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Single Wet Wipes Packaging Machine Fully Auto

Wet Wipes Packaging Machine
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Wet wipes packing machine manufacturer
The wet wipes packaging machine is suitable produce four sides or three sides sealing wet wipes such as alcohol swab, paper towels, makeup cotton pads other products in any size.

Wet Wipes Machine Working Process:
non woven material→folding→cutting→bag forming→bottom seal→feeding tissue and liquid→seal→traction→cut

Wet Wipes Packaging Machine Scope of Application:
* Wet wipes for cosmetic use: to remove make up and nail varnish, moisturise, etc.
* Wet wipes for cleaning: clean your hands.
* Wet wipes for babies: during nappy changing, to clean the face, hands.
* Wet wipes for household cleaning.
Wet wipes packaging samples

Wet Wipes Packaging Machine Features:
1. Fully automatic bag forming, photoelectric correction, no burrs, fault forming.
2. The organization can be folded according to different types. Up to 8 vertical folds, 4 horizontal folds, can be folded freely by unfolding the width and length of the non-woven fabric.
3. The wet wipes machine uses spray pump imported from Japan, the accuracy is improved by 0.01ML / time. Can provide a variety of liquids. It can add one liquid per bag or all liquids in the same bag.
4. The wet wipes packaging machine is covered with stainless steel, with good appearance, easy to clean and durable.
5. Intelligent PLC temperature control with an accuracy of ± 2 degrees.
6. The required number of automatic alarm reminders, the required number of automatic batching and stacking.
Wet wipes packaging process
Wet Wipes Packaging Machine Advantages:
O High average production capacity.
O Completely air-tight seals.
O High operating flexibility.
O Appealing packages.
O Fast and easy line cleaning.

From single packaging to household packaging with resealable, we can provide tailor-made solutions according to the type of wet wipes and packaging you need. These machines and production lines are the result of years of research and technical simplification, which also benefited from customer feedback.
Technical Data
Model CK-VPD250
Packaging size 50-110mm  Length
Packaging material Composite materials such as composite films, aluminized films, polyethylene / polypropylene
Wet wipes material 30~80g/m2  Clean paper, wet strength paper, non-woven fabric, spunlace non-woven fabric
Unfold the size of the wet wipes Width:30-240mml
Length:60-240mm(according to requirements)
Folding Method Fold up to 8 times in the longitudinal direction and 4 times in the horizontal direction
Packaging speed 60~120 bags/min
Dosing range 0-5ml Liquid accuracy±0.01ML
Power Single phase 220V  50/60Hz  4.8Kw
Gas consumption air compressor
0.5-0.8m3/min  300-500L/min
Machine weight 1100Kg
Machine size 2800mm×2800mm×1800mm

Main Electrical Configuration of Wet Wipes Machine:
Serial number Name Brand Quantity
1 touch screen MCGS   1
2 servo motor Delta 750W 2
3 servo motor Delta 400W 2
4 Main module Siemens 2
5 Expansion module Siemens 1
6 switch MEAN WELL 1
7 Photoelectric eye tracking Matsushita 1
8 Metering pumps IWAKI 2
9 cylinder AirTAC several
10 Insert paper track Igus 1

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