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Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine
The drip coffee bag packaging machine is mainly designed for filling disposable packaging of small or medium size bags. It can be widely used in coffee powder, tea powder, etc. The inner bag is made of food grade packaging filter material with ready-made hanging ear, outer bag can help to ensure the fresh taste of the coffee or tea powder.
How Does the Drip Coffee Packaging Machine Work?
1. Inner drip bag form (side sealing and bottom sealing)
2. Coffee (tea) powder filling
3. Inner drip bag sealing and cutting
4. Outer bag form (side sealing and bottom sealing)
5. Inner drip bag filled in the outer bag by mechanical arm
6. Outer bag sealing and cutting
7. Finished products exit

Drip Coffee Packaging Machine Features:
1. Ultrasonic sealing suitable for inner non-woven packaging material cutting, 99% sealing rate and tight sealing.
2. Outer bag is made of composite film or kraft paper, which can be heat sealed, intelligent control temperature controller, temperature control more accurate.
3. PLC control system, simple structure, easy in installation and maintenance.
4. Main electrical elements adopt famous well-known brand, long service life.
5. The drip coffee bag packaging machine body is made by high quality stainless steel 304, easy to clean.

Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine Optional:
O Date printer for outer bag.
O Material conveyor, to deliver raw material.
O Finished product conveyor, to deliver drip coffee bags.

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Technical Data
Model CK-188
Sealing Type Three Sides Seal
Packing Range 1-15g/bag
Inner Bag Size L: 50-75mm; W: 50-75mm (Special size can customize)
Outer Bag Size L: 85-120mm; W: 75-95mm (Special size can customize)
Label Size L*W: 25*25 (Special size can customize)
Voltage 220V, 50Hz, Single phase
Total Power 3.7Kw
Heating Device Up vertical sealing heating tube(inner) 110V 350W 2pcs;
Up cross sealing heating tube(inner) 110V 350W 2pcs;
Label heating tube: 110V 100W, 2pcs;
Down vertical sealing heating tube(outer) 110V 350W 2pcs;
Down cross sealing heating tube(outer) 110V 350w 2pcs.
Weight 650KG
Dimension 1050*700*1300(L*W*H mm)

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