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Automatic Dip Green Tea Bag Packing Machine

Herbal tea packing machine
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green tea packing machine
dip tea bag packing machine
This green tea packing machine is a new type of heat-sealing, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment. The main feature of this tea packing machine is that the inner and outer bags are formed at one time, which avoids direct contact between hands and tea, Ensure the cleanliness of the green tea.
Packaging Material:
Paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/aluminum/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic, filter film, cotton thread, label. The inner bag is filter film, which can be automatically taped with a label, and the outer bag is composite film.
Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine Application:
Herbal tea, green tea, health tea and other small particles tea.

GreenTea Packing Machine Features:

# The outer bag is controlled by a stepping motor, with stable bag length and accurate positioning.
# PLC is used to control the movement of the whole machine, the man-machine interface is displayed, and the operation is convenient.
# All accessible material parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure tea hygiene and reliability.
# The additional device of dip tea bag packing machine can complete functions such as flat cutting, date printing, and easy tearing.
 Dip tea bag packing machine factory
Our Service:
We use double-layer packaging. In order to facilitate transportation, we first use stretch film to fix some of the disassembled parts. This is not only convenient for transportation, but also does not cause equipment wear. We use standard wooden boxes for the outer packaging to ensure the safety of the dip tea bag packing machine during transportation.
We will comprehensively consider factors such as the customer’s transportation cost, use time, etc. Recommend ship, plane, train and other suitable transportation methods for customers to help customers save transportation costs.
After-sales service:
1. The warranty period for all equipment is one year, and technical support services are provided for life.
2. If the accessory fails under non-human circumstances, we will provide the accessory for free.
3. When there is a problem during the operation of the machine, please stop using it immediately and get in touch with us. We will arrange an engineer to help you deal with the problem.

The green tea packing machine is not suitable for large particles, such as flower tea, which can lead to inaccurate weighing. If you want to pack flower tea, we recommend using a pyramid tea bag packing machine. The machine uses an electronic scale for weighing, and the bag is pyramid-shaped, which is more suitable for the packaging of flower tea.
Technical Data
Model CKYD-169
Measuring Range 1-15 g
Inner Bag Size Length: 50-75 mm
Width: 50-75 mm(Can be customized)
Outer Bag Size Length: 85-120 mm
Width: 75-95 mm(Can be customized)
Label Size 25*25(Can be customized)
Power 3.7 kw
Weight 650kg
Size 1050*700*1300 mm

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