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Wrapping Machine

The wrapping machine is to wrap the packaging film on the surface of the product, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-fouling. Mainly divided into cellophane wrapping machine and shrink wrap machine.

Cellophane Wrapping Machine
  • The cellophane wrapping machine used for different size of perfume box, cosmetic box, cigarette box, tea box and other boxes products.
  • *Adjustable packaging speed
  • *Adjustable packaging size
  • *Adjustable heat sealing speed
  • *Novel and reliable structure design
  • *High security
Shrink Wrap Machine
  • The shrink wrap machine is suitable for different size of bottles, boxes, books, tableware, toys, and other regular or irregular products. Widely used in cosmetics, food, beverage, medicine and other industries.
  • *The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily from room temperature to 300℃.
  • *Use high quality infrared quartz tube as heating system.
  • *Fast shrink efficiency, good shrink effect.
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