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How Cigarette Pack Plastic Wrap?

  • Release Lime: Mar 09 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How cigarette pack plastic wrap? When you buy cigarette on market, the pack always wrapped plastic film.
Why cigarette pack plastic wrap?
The cigarette pack always wrapped by cellophane. This packaging film is a thin, transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose. Its low permeability to air, oil, grease, bacteria and water makes it useful for food packaging. Cigarette pack wrapped in cellophane can effectively prevent dust, moisture, and water, and prevent taste from being lost.
How cigarette pack plastic wrap?
This is usually done by a dedicated machine. The video below will show you the detailed parcel process.

The cigarette box wrapping machine in the video adopts advanced multifunctional digital frequency conversion stepless speed regulation technology, and also applies PLC programming control technology. Can realize automatic box feeding, automatic counting and other functions. The machine has a series of internal cams to drive the connecting rods and components to complete the packaging work. Pneumatic film, the packaged product is beautiful and elegant, while anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof and dust-proof, it also improves the product grade. The machine has a wide range of applications, as long as it is a rectangular box, it can be wrapped. Packaging materials are OPP, BOPP film, cellophane and anti-counterfeit tear tape.
 Cigarette box wrapping machine
Why use machines instead of humans?
1. Machine packing is faster and more efficient.
2. The finished product is more neat and beautiful.
3. Save packaging materials.

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